How We Got Started

Aficionauto is owned and operated by Andrew Evans, an auto enthusiast and accomplished Concours-level detailer. Detailing began as a personal hobby decades ago, but over time expanded into a full-time venture.  His ongoing professional training consists of a wide variety of one-on-one mentoring opportunities with industry experts, as well as through established technical schools and seminars such as those held by Meguiar’s. With a background and knowledge developed through creative and professional avenues, he is able to bring his own innovative ideas to a vehicle, as well as time tested methods of paint correction, stain removal, and most importantly, preservation of the vehicle as a whole. He has leveraged this technical experience to coordinate and manage resources on automotive events, new vehicle media programs, and tours. With the addition of support and technical staff and new ideas, Andrew has refined the Aficionauto product to ensure an efficient, personal and professional service.

Our Philosophy

While the primary objective of detailing a vehicle is to bring its condition to the top percentile, the technician has to know what is attainable given the vehicle’s unique material limitations. The products used by Aficionauto adhere to the highest standards for quality and offer consistent and tested results. We believe knowledge and use of quality materials and equipment is a necessary component of a good detail.  However, it is our detailers’ blend of formal training and real-world experience that truly sets our results apart. We understand every vehicle has been subjected to different conditions, while some are inherently predisposed to requiring extra care.
Aficionauto continues to invest in every facet of the detail trade.  We are just as passionate about our clients’ automobiles as we are the process of perfecting them.