CarPro Authorized Finest Installer

Aficionauto is one of a handful of detail company’s in California who has been certified to install Finest.  We are proud to be a part of a global network of professionals producing extraordinary work who guarantee that Finest will not bubble, yellow, peel, oxidize or lose any significant gloss in the span of 2 years.
Cquartz Finest by CarPro is the most duarble paint protection in the coatings market and has developed a reputation among professionals as the richest, deepest, highest gloss coating available.

Utilizing a proprietary condensed nanotech material, Finest is a measurable high gloss ceramic layer that protects the paint from road film, brake dust, bugs, bird droppings and road tar for years, instead of months like modern polymer sealants.

One of the most important features in keeping your vehicle clean is the ability of the protective layer to release water.  Finest features a low sliding angle which allows water drops to release easily causing an extreme lotus affect.  The result of this hydrophobic state; greater resistance to wash-induced marring and less effort in keeping your vehicle looking it’s best.

Because Finest is a semi-permanent paint coating, it is imparative that your vehicles surface is as flawless as possible. All vehicels must undergo paint decontamination and correction procedures to ensure that the visual appeal and adhesion of the coating are not compromised.

Unlike other coatings, Finest cannot be purchased on the open market and is only installed by CarPro Authorized Finest and Aficionauto is one of a handful of detail company’s in California who has been certified to install Finest.

Key Benefits

  • Surface stays clean and glossy longer than any other protection

  • Harder surface increases resistance to fine swirls and marring

  • Resistance to UV and other environmental contaminants

  • Heat resistance beyond 575° F

  • Applied thickness of 2~3µm (5-10% increase to clearcoat depth)

  • Increased hardness of 2 (mohs scale) beyond original surface

  • 2 Year Limited Warranty